Whiskey + Ginger Ale + Oranges = Yum



With Summer quickly coming to an end, I’m a little disappointed that I only came across this cocktail recipe right now. When I first saw it I pictured sitting on a front porch at dusk, with a light breeze blowing, listening to The Black Keys. But, since I live in Oregon and we are approaching September, that will probably just have to stay a daydream.

My drink of choice has always been a whiskey-ginger ale, especially during the Summer time. It’s a really light drink that gives you a false sense of feeling refreshed even though you are drinking alcohol*. This is quite a simple twist to the classic drink, but I probably would’ve never thought of it on my own. It’s simplicity makes it brilliant. I feel like you could substitute oranges for any fruit of your choice and it would be just as delicious.

Looking through the rest of the blog I found this recipe from,  I came across a ton of other great cocktails as well as great recipes for everything from potato salad to smores pie to sweet corn ice cream. I’ve got to be honest though, the more I scrolled through her “Happy Hour” tag, the more I wanted to be her friend, or at least attend some of her parties. I highly suggest checking out her blog. You can click here for the link.

I know I’m going to try this cocktail out ASAP and if you do too, happy drinking!

*Be responsible, drink water. Or if you don’t want to be responsible, at least drink water so you don’t completely hate yourself in the morning.



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