Ooh girl, shock me like an electric… station?

There are many bustling neighborhoods in Portland, but one of my favorites has to be the Alberta neighborhood. Even though summer makes me want to become a hermit and shelter myself from the sun, I love to brave the heat some days and take a nice little stroll down Alberta St. to see what cool things I can find. One day I was walking with a friend when we heard some really good music coming from inside an old building. The building itself was square and very plain. It definitely wasn’t an attention grabber. A big black sign was mounted on the side that simply read “The Station.” We conversed and decided that the music was too good to just ignore so we went in and checked it out. In contrast to the outside, the inside is stunning. The ceilings are incredibly high with big skylights. The walls are concrete and still show evidence of the electric station it used to be. Built in 1931, it was the home of the Northwest Electrical Company

                     .control-switch-copy         main-dining-room-copy


When we made our way through to the back we were greeted with plenty of tables with umbrellas so we didn’t completely melt in the sun, the band playing above us on a balcony and an extensive beer list. They had ten different beers on tap in all different styles from lager to stouts. Their cocktail menu is definitely worth checking out. There are lots of unique combinations that I’ve yet to come across at other bars in town. They also make a mean Kentucky Mule.pickin-platter-2-copy

If you’re wanting a chill night out with some friends to grab a drink and catch up, I definitely suggest The Station.



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