You want me to pay how much?

I mean, when I first saw these guys I thought they were aesthetically stunning but what I found most astounding was the price.
The chocolate bar on the left is $420. The one on the right is $590.


These chocolate bars are gorgeous to look at but it’s hard to imagine eating them. They look like a new Portlandia-inspired contemporary art project with some weird metaphor behind it. But that’s kind of what the people of Unelephante were going for. Appropriately named “Tabletas Pollock” (inspired by Jackson Pollock) and “Globo & Crayon Chocolate,” these chocolates were created to be edible art. Even though it looks like acrylic paint, “Pollock” is 54% cocoa hand painted with colored cocoa butter.

Tatiana Sanchez started as a jewelry maker living in Mexico. Selling handmade goods started to become more difficult after imitation products started to get shipped to the country. After taking a break for a while, she revisited her business plan and got inspired to start Unelefante. In 2012,Tatiana teamed up with Chef Jorge Llanderal, proclaimed the best chocolatier in Mexico, to create her own chocolate line for her company. All of her products are made in Mexico and are inspired by her Mexican culture. The chocolate they use is produced in Columbia by a company called Luker.

Unelefante also has what they call “bark bars” which are 65% cocoa chocolate bars with special ingredients sprinkled on top.

It’s really refreshing to see people create with passion and keeping to their roots.

Oh and I should mention, the prices are in pesos, not dollars. You can pick your jaw up off the floor now.


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