Blueplate Review

If you can find Blueplate on your first try, you deserve a prize. Nestled away between two other businesses on SW 3rd and Washington, this little diner is worth the search. Open from 11-4 Monday through Friday, Blueplate serves all-American comfort food. I first heard of it on Guy Fieri’s show “Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives.” After the episode I decided I had to go check this place out as soon as possible. The food is what grabbed my attention. I am all for a hearty, homecooked meal and that is exactly what it looked like I’d be getting if I dined there. Plus, the man cooked everything on two griddles. When I say griddles, I mean the kind of griddles you take camping to make pancakes and bacon on in the morning.

A Blue Plate

Opened in 2007 by Jeffery Reite, this diner is comforting and old-fashioned looking with high ceilings. Blueplate may lack space, but one thing it doesn’t lack is natural lighting. The whole front of the diner has large windows that let in minimal light from the overcast Portland sky. When you first walk in, you see a long counter with jars of candy at the end. If you can get your eyes away from the candy, you’ll notice an old soda fountain.

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They have a very extensive drink menu made with their own house sodas. Chef Jeff has some of his own concoctions mixed with fountain classics, all for a reasonable price. Any soda drink is $2 or you can upgrade it to a float for only $1.50 more. If you’re more into milkshakes, they’ve got you covered.  There are a few of their own inventions or you can build your own.  They have your typical vanilla or chocolate milkshakes but if you’re feeling like going out of the box a bit, you can make one with their chocolate and filbert butter ice cream or you can try making one with their green tea ice cream with chai syrup.

Their food menu is fairly small, but for being a lunch diner only open for five hours I feel like it’s completely acceptable. Meal prices range from $7-12, perfect for lunch in Downtown. They have a few dishes they serve everyday and on certain days they have specials, including meatloaf (for only $12!). They have a range of different sandwich options from sloppy joes to roast beef melts to grilled cheese to little beef sliders. All sandwiches are served with a side of Yukon Gold mashed potatoes that are alone worth trip there. My personal favorite are the $10 Northwest sliders. They’re two mini hamburgers with melted Tillamook cheddar. The ground beef is some of the most tender meat I’ve had in Portland.



Blueplate is a laid back place that is great to hang out at and study by yourself or a fun place bring the family. It’s a nice little escape from the craziness that sometimes is Downtown Portland. Come with an empty stomach and enjoy a lunch worth telling all your friends about.


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